The Summerhouse

 At Summerhouse Holistics you can relax and unwind with a choice of holistic treatments all offered in the tranquil environment of a garden summerhouse.  Specialising in Reflexology, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Acupressure and Well-Being Coaching, all treatments are tailored to meet your individual needs to enhance your health and well-being.

Since 2013, Summerhouse Holistics has been providing a little sanctuary away from all the stress and strains of daily life.  Through the seasons, the summerhouse helps you to take steps to improve your health and revitalise your mind and body.


The tranquil setting of the summer house is the perfect place to relax and enjoy one of Paula's treatments, in my case reflexology. I would recommend Summerhouse Holistics to anyone looking for alternative therapy and I am looking forward to my next treatment.


With stress and chronic illness on the rise, many of us are feeling the strain of everyday life more than ever.  Holistic therapies treat not only your body but your mind and emotions too.  Be it stress reduction, or improved sleep patterns, renewed energy or symptom relief, a personalised treatment at Summerhouse Holistics might be just what you need to restore harmony and vitality to your body and mind.

It's a pleasure visiting Summerhouse Holistics - always so relaxing and I'm amazed at how accurate and insightful the treatments are. Paula is genuinely interested in helping and making a difference to people. I always receive great quality care and have no hesitation in recommending her.


Coming soon.....

Well-Being Coaching

Caring for our Well-Being has never been so important.  With the events of 2020 fresh in our minds, prioritising time for ourselves is essential.

Well-Being Coaching helps you to take stock of your lifestyle and explore ways to measurably and practically improve your health and well-being in the long term.

Sessions are designed to empower you to explore what is working, and what isn't - what you'd like to do more of and what you could do less of, and to work together to find solutions that will last.



If you have a Healthcare Cash Plan that includes complementary therapy you may be able to recoup the cost of your treatment. Summerhouse Holistics can provide professional receipts accepted by health providers to help you claim back the cost of your treatments.