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About Us

Invoke Well-Being is Summerhouse Holistic's sister company.  Formed in 2020, it is a collaboration between Paula Gent and Helen Pool - friends and colleagues in the wellness industry.  Having worked independently for many years, we decided to join forces to use our experience as therapists to help support people at work.


As busy working mums ourselves, we know the pressures faced when trying to juggle work and home life and the impact this can have on our mental health and well-being.  We also recognise that we spend most of our lives in work, so in order to maintain our well-being, we have to feel supported by our employer with all that life throws at us.​

Well-Being Workshops

Invoke Well-Being is our way of sharing with you the skills and passion we have to create real change in your organisations and to truly support employee well-being.

We offer a range of short one hour virtual Well-being Workshops delivered via Zoom/Teams, packed full of practical advice and tips to help you support your employees through times of change.  

You can choose from the workshops below or we can design a bespoke package to suit the needs of your organisation.  



Well-Being in a Pandemic

Covid-19 has affected us globally. Support to staff is at the forefront of every organisation. Help staff transition back to the workplace by exploring the challenges that will be faced and strategies to manage these changes for the future.

Well-Being and Stress

This workshop helps staff understand what stress is, the signs and symptoms of stress, stress triggers and introduces practical tools to deal with stress including breathing techniques, mindfulness, reframing negative thoughts and more

Women's Well-Being

A fabulous one hour workshop to raise awareness of the menopause and its impact on women's wellbeing at work.  Full of practical tools to help you implement change in your organisation

Grief, Loss and Well-Being

Help staff who are grieving by exploring types of grief, symptoms of grief and strategies to manage grief in the workplace

Graduate Well-Being

This workshop focuses on the specific types of stress graduates face when entering the workforce and explores practical methods and techniques to manage workplace stress.  A perfect addition to graduate schemes in any workplace.

One-to-One Well-Being

 For those who would benefit from a more personal approach, we offer additional one-to-one well-being support in the form of Well-Being Coaching or one-to-one Counselling.  


I recently engaged with Invoke Well-Being who led a session on Graduate Well-being as part of Homes England's Summer Internship Programme.  I found the session exceptionally helpful with lots of practical tips to manage stress.  I will definitely be inviting them to lead another session next year. 

Homes England

  To find out more contact Paula or Helen at:

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